The Vernon

The Vernon name derives from the Vernon family who built Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire during the 1660’s and whose coat of arms still remains above the front door today. Originally known as The Vernon Arms in Worcestershire it was an 18th Century pub. The original building which dates back to 1740 consisted of just two rooms. These rooms still retain their original features and the period fireplace can still be seen in the private dining area.

The building was once called ‘The Cecil Arms’ after Henry Cecil who lived at Hanbury Hall. Henry Cecil married Emma Vernon and was the 1st Marquis of Exeter. It is rumoured that The Vernon was the final meeting place between the two lovers – Emma Vernon and William Sneyd (the local curate) who met at a local Inn the night they fled Hanbury to elope together.

In the 1800s it was extended and became a coaching inn. The horses would have been tethered where the ‘purple’ room of the restaurant stands today. The original rings used to tether the horses still remain on the walls, a wonderful piece of Worcestershire history!

The Vernon family of Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire owned the building until the estate was sold in 1940.

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Our rich history

Group of people at the vernon
the renovation
Photograph of the back bar

The Archers

The Vernon is proud to be the birthplace of The Archers. Godfrey Baseley the original creator and editor for 22 years often drank in the bar and it is widely believed that many of his characters were based on local Hanbury villagers. Below is a picture taken in 1950 of the cast and Producer of the Archers in the green room of the restaurant at The Vernon, the man In the center with Dark glasses is Mr Gough the Landlord.


In 2009 The Vernon at Hanbury passed back into private hands and in 2012 a nine-month renovation was undertaken to bring the building back to life. The Vernon re-opened in August 2012 and has continued to grow into one of Worcestershire’s finest venues.

Below are two images of the bar at The Vernon, the left image is before the renovations, the right image is the bar today – quite a transformation!



Open: 12PM - 10PM
Restaurant: 12PM - 3PM & 6PM - 9PM

Tuesday - Saturday

Open: 12PM - 11PM
Restaurant: 12PM- 3PM & 6PM - 9PM

Sunday (winter)

Open: 12PM - 7PM
Restaurant: 12PM - 4PM